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Is your business built for profit?

Does it generate repeatable, sustainable and generous profit?

Profits that you are happy with and allow you to take home the level of pay that you want?

Or is it more of a profit dribble? ​​

Take the Profit Hacker Quiz:

How many of these profit indicators can you honestly say YES to?

1) You have mastered your money WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or bored by the numbers – you review your management accounts monthly and you know EXACTLY how much profit you are making, you know who owes you and who you owe. You know what your tax liabilities are and you know when they fall due. And how much pay that means you can take home

2) You have 3-6 month contingency cash reserves SO you have the cash to pay bills and taxes as they fall due. This cash is ring-fenced in separate bank accounts so you can be sure you never need to borrow from it to pay other bills

3) You know your numbers, you have eliminated all possible profit and cash leaks and you make decisions with confidence based on profitability

4) You have a plan! You have a profit plan that is easy to use, easy to action and helps you stay accountable to your own profit goals. You check progress against your plan monthly so that you can stay on target. When things go better than plan, you adapt and do more. When things don’t go to plan, you adapt and get back to plan

5) Your financial processes are streamlined and automated to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability so you can do more with less effort in less time. You are constantly looking to improve your processes and customer service

6) You have created a strong, lean profitable business model that can be scaled

7) And finally, you have achieved your target take-home pay and you sleep easy knowing that you are in control of your finances!

How did you do?

7 –   Fantastic! You are a master Profit Hacker and Entrepreneur! You are in full control of your finances and you have an amazing and profitable business that is booming – even in these crazy times! If you want time off – you take it knowing that your business will run itself. I’d love to hear your story. Would you like to be a guest on our blog or in our Facebook communities and share your profit story with others?

4-6   Well done – Pretty good going but looks like you could use a little help getting to 7 yes’s and closing some of those profit gaps. You probably feel like you are working really hard and you are under a lot of pressure to deliver yet still not quite making the profits you want. If this feels more like a job than a business then I’d love to invite you to join Profit Hackers so we can close these profit gaps and give you the financial freedom that you want.

1-3  EEK!! Looks like you need to join Profit Hackers today!  You have an expensive hobby rather than a business or you are in start-up just starting your profit journey. You can fix that and find your profit path. I’d love to see you in Profit Hackers so we can help you make that target profit a reality.

How can Profit Hackers help?

Profit Hacking is the art of finding the fastest and most efficient route to profit.

We all want a bit more of that, don’t we?!

Over the last 3 weeks we have recorded masterclasses on:

  • 7 Things To Do With Your Bounce Back Loan (And 3 things you shouldn’t)
  • Overcoming Financial Overwhelm – using your time profitably
  • How To Create A 90 Day Profit Plan – that you can stick to.

You get immediate access to these Masterclasses (and others) when you join Profit Hackers.

For an itty bitty investment of £40 per month plus VAT – this could be the most profitable decision you make this week!

Please don’t mistake low price for low value. We are keeping the price super low (for now) at £48 per month inc VAT, so we can help as many people as possible. We want to make this as easy a decision for you to say YES  as possible. And show our Profit Hackers that is possible to build a low price, high value – profit-generating membership. It doesn’t always have to be super high price to profit. Memberships are one of the best (but not only) opportunities that we all have to impact more people, share our knowledge and create a sustainable, scaleable business that will put cash in your bank and enable to you to achieve your financial goals.

I’d like to invite you to join us today. Meet us in the community. Start increasing your profit margins today!

Profit Hackers – more profit, more time, more control over your business financials…..

Wait! Before you go...


Sign up NOW and get immediate access to our 5 day Instant Profit Action Plan.

5 Steps in 5 days to bring more profit into your business.

More profit in your business means more cash in your pocket.

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