Virtual finance team for dynamic 6-7 figures entrepreneurs

PROFIT MEMBERSHIP for ambitious 5 figures entrepreneurs 



Every business has a path to profit.

It is our job to help you find yours and build a business that is permanently profitable. 

We start with your vision, your goals – both business and personal. Once we understand what your long term goals are, we can start building a plan for profit.

Know your numbers without fear or overwhelm and start to love them as you achieve your profit goals. 

ALL The stuff we love to do

(so you can focus on creating profit, while we look after your numbers)


Your virtual finance team, just one Skype or Zoom call away. We take care of your entire finance function so you can focus on your area of genius. Your time is too valuable to be spent doing vanilla tasks – we want you  to spend your valuable time serving your clients and generating more profit confident that we have your back and we are part of your team.


Your accountant on call to help when ever you need it. Monthly or quarterly reviews of your latest  accounts and next 90 day plans to keep you on track to achieve your profit goals. All your year end accounts and returns taken care of. Corporation tax accrued monthly or quarterly so there are no nasty tax surprises.


Your online bookkeepers working in the background posting transactions and  reconciling your bank accounts. Send your receipts and invoices to us and we’ll do the rest. VAT returns prepared, reviewed with you and filed. We’ll let you know what to pay and when. Need us to manage your bank payments? We can do that too with weekly supplier payment runs.


Tax efficient directors payroll and staff wages done for you. RTI, EPS and annual returns filed. Staff benefits and P11D’s? No problem. We’ll tell you how much PAYE and NI to pay to HMRC. Annual PAYE  reconciliations with HMRC and P60’s issued to staff.

Need us to manage your staff payroll and expenses payments? We can do that too!


Need to develop your own business accounting skills? Bespoke training packages available to train you or your staff. We offer an ongoing mentoring, training and support program for you or your in-house finance team. Want to create a 90 day profit plan and stick to it? We can help you with that! Want to implement profit first? No problem!  


Want help but don’t want to leave your existing accountant?

Open to all ambitious business owners
– you don’t have to be a client, to be a
‘Profit Hacker’!

Profit Hackers is the Entrepreneurs Blueprint for Profit…


Looking for 1-2-1 help with Xero?

Training or troubleshooting?

With creating a 90 day profit plan that you can action?

Perhaps you need a power hour to set up Profit First?

You can book a 30 or 60 minute Power Up session and get an expert working with you to resolve your issue at a time that suits you.   

What people say about us


Tessa Meadows Smith - RMS Recruitment

Who likes doing accounts when you’re running a business? Caseron make accounting quick, efficient and dare I say fun? They find shortcuts for everything financial. They have saved us time and money by cutting out unnecessary accounting admin, resolve all our accounting problems effectively and I can even feel a little smile coming through their emails! A pleasure to work with.

Tessa Meadows-Smith
RMS recruitment


Mark - Headhsot - Vetstream

Caseron do exactly what it says on their tin. Our financial management needed what Lisa was able to provide: a real “kick in the pants”! From accounts package to payment systems to management accounts and meaningful KPI reports. All that a growing business could ask for.


Annya Stoddart

Lisa has really helped me make my whole accounting process a lot easier to process and understand. Working via the Cloud means its easy for us both to access my information without me having to copy and post stuff and she can quickly help me resolve any problems I come across. I have already recommended her to one of my patients and I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so again.

Annya Stoddart


Amanda Fellingham

I liked Lisa from the first meeting and knew that she could help me organise and update my accounts, so that I could work from home if necessary. I love the way that there are so many different ways to get in touch and get the problems solved almost instantly without having to wait or waste time in having to travel to resolve problems. If you want to learn how to work with the correct tools then Lisa and Caseron are the ones to ask.

Amanda Fellingham


Tim Meadows-Smith

Lisa is an outstanding and natural entrepreneur. Her background is accounting. STOP what you’re thinking! Lisa is nothing like the boring, grey, introvert, reactive type that so many think of when ‘accountant’ is mentioned. Clear thinking, business-like, cheerful and communicative, you’ll understand what is going on at the time it is happening and get great advice on what to do to improve performance right away.

Tim Meadows-Smith


Paul Smyth

Lisa has provided Serious-iT with a full range of accountancy services, migrating our dated accounts package to an awesome, cloud based service that brings many benefits to our business. She is fantastically enthusiastic, creative, helpful, prompt and above all not in the least bit stuffy like accountants tend to be (aka our previous one) I would recommend her to any business who likes the sound of this!

Paul Smyth

meet your profit pros


Cloud Bookkeeper

Tom Quick

“The Collector”

My primary role in Caseron is to manage the company’s bookkeeping and credit control. I love hunting down all the missing transactions and getting the overdue customers to pay.

Chief Cloud Accountant

Lisa Dickson

“The Hacker”

We love what we do, we expect you do too. Our job is to help you find more time to do what you love, create more profit and take home more pay at a price you can afford.

Chief Accountant and Profit Hacker

Cloud Accountant

Harry Daglish

“The Forecaster” 

I love the challenge of a messy reconciliation and a 3 year plan! Better things to do than your month end accounts? Send them to me and spend your time ON your business not IN it.

Media and Sales

Paul Dickson

“The Player”

I love golf and do a lot of my networking on the golf course! A not so silent partner, disruptor and challenger – pull up a chair and tell me about your business! 

Digital Marketer

Casey Dickson

“The Ninja”

Content creator ninja with a knack for all things social media and marketing! I love the creative side of business including design, animation and advertising so that is my main role in the company.

Cloud Snoozer

Henry Dickson

“Love and Hugs Provider”

I am responsible for making sure none of the Caseronians take themselves too seriously. I love meeting new people and am generally quite excitable. I like to help everyone eat their lunch. 

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