Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who feels overstretched and overworked?

Or perhaps you’re a working parent trying to fit your business around school hours? If so, the concept of a 4-day work week might seem like a far-fetched dream. But believe it or not, it’s a reality for many, including some of our clients particularly the working mums who have managed to achieve this balance.

Here’s how they did it and how you can do the same.

1. Embrace the One-to-Many Sales Model

The first step to working a 4-day week is to maximize your income while minimizing your time commitment. One way to do this is by embracing a one-to-many sales model. This strategy allows you to leverage your knowledge and expertise by teaching what you know to a broader audience, rather than working one-on-one.

  • Online Courses: Create a comprehensive course that encapsulates your expertise and sell it online. This allows for passive income – your course can be purchased and accessed at any time, without extra effort on your part.
  • Memberships: Establish a membership platform where you provide ongoing value, such as regular content updates or community access. Members pay a recurring fee, providing you with a steady income.
  • Masterminds: Facilitate a group where like-minded individuals can learn from and support each other. Your role is to guide and provide expert input.

2. Offer High-Value One-on-One Services

While a one-to-many model can increase your income, there’s still room for high-value one-on-one offerings. This can be positioned as a premium service, targeted at clients who are willing and able to pay for a more personalized experience.

  • Positioning: Market your one-on-one services as high-end, executive solutions. This attracts premium clients who understand the value of your offerings.
  • Generosity with Knowledge: Be generous with your knowledge, knowing that your clients are paying for implementation and accountability, not just information

3. Build a Strong Team

A 4-day work week isn’t possible if you’re doing everything yourself. Building a team is crucial, and it involves systemizing, automating, and outsourcing tasks.

  • Systemize: Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that anyone can follow. This ensures your business runs smoothly, even when you’re not there.
  • Automate: Use technology to manage repetitive tasks. This saves time and allows you and your team to focus on more important matters.
  • Outsource: Hire experts and build a team. This not only takes work off your plate but also ensures tasks are done by those best equipped to handle them.


Our clients have built businesses that work 24/7, allowing them to work a 4-day week while still achieving their goals. They’ve done this with strategic planning, smart sales models, and a strong team. The result? A business that supports their lifestyle, not the other way around.

The 4-day work week is more than a business strategy; it’s a lifestyle choice that fosters personal growth, freedom, and a rewarding work-life balance. It’s about building a business that works for you, so you can live the life you want. And with the right guidance and support, you could do this too.

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