When you are keen to get going and need to set up your new business, we are here to guide you…


You must do your due diligence before you set up in business. Is there a market for what you have to offer? Do you know who your ideal customer is and where to find them? Do you know how much you need to earn for your business to support you? What is your break-even point? How can you minimise costs and maximise revenue in the early days? Do you have enough start-up capital to fund your new business and do you have a contingency plan just in case it doesn’t go to plan?

New Business Start up Package

Business Plan Review

All good businesses and sane entrepreneurs start with a plan! Whether it is 50 pages long, a few pages of brief notes or a forecast on a single spreadsheet. We will review this with you so make sure you are starting off on the right footing.
New Business Start up Package


Do you know how much you need to earn, how many hours you have to work and what prices you need to charge to make your business viable? Can you package your product? We can help you with that by reviewing your pricing structure with you.
New Business Start up Package


Have you got your website up and running? Does it speak to your ideal customer and clearly define the problems you solve?  Is it optimised to convert traffic and generate sales? We can review your website to see how it aligns with your plan.


Setting up a new business can be an exciting, but daunting task. So much to think about in the early days to make sure you have the right structure for your particular circumstances. It is really important to get the structure right from the beginning. Is a limited company or sole trader set up best for you? What are the implications of each for your personal circumstances?

What are your long-term plans and what is your exit strategy? Is your new business going to provide you with extra pocket money, do you need to earn a living from it or are you building something to pass on to your children or sell in the future?

New Business Start up Package

Company Set-up Consultation

A review of the best company structure for your personal circumstances. Limited Company? Soler Trader? Partnership or CIC?

New Business Start up Package

Company Incorporation

If you have decided to ‘go Limited’ – we will set your limited company up with the right mix of shares and shareholdings.
New Business Start up Package

Register for Self-Assessment

Whether you are a director or a sole trader, you will still need to be registered for self-assessment. Even nil returns must be filed.


When you start your new business you need to consider whether voluntary VAT registration is right for you. VAT registration will benefit you by allowing to recover the VAT on your purchases but will the additional VAT on your sales help, harm or have no impact on your customers? Do you need to take on staff from the beginning or just run a directors payroll? We can help you with each of these tax conundrums.

New Business Start up Package

VAT Registration

IF VAT registration is right for you – we will register you for VAT, show you how to keep robus VAT records and help you with the filing of your first VAT return to optimise the amount of VAT you can recover. We can file your returns for you if you prefer.
New Business Start up Package

Employer Registration

Whether you are employing staff or just running a basic Directors’ payroll, we will register you as an employer and set payroll up for you. We will show you how to run a basic payroll and submit monthly returns. We can run it for you if you prefer.
New Business Start up Package

Set up your Government Gateways

You will need a government gateway and an online tax account with HMRC to be able to submit VAT and Payroll RTI returns. We will set those up for you so you can see all your business tax accounts on a single business tax dashboard.


It is absolutely vital that you understand what records you need to keep, why and for how long. You need to have the right systems in place to raise invoices to your customers and monitor who has paid and who still owes you money. You must capture and record your business spend transactions from the very start so that you know how your business is performing, to ensure that you recovering all the VAT that you are entitled too (and have the records to prove it) and that you are paying tax on the correct amount of trading profit. Most importantly, you need to know that there is enough cash in your business to meet your liabilities, to cover your taxes and pay you – the hard working entrepreneur!

New Business Start up Package

Xero Account

Your Xero account – set up for your new business. Beautiful accounting software for the dynamic business owner. Why do we recommend Xero?

New Business Start up Package

Your Dext Account

By far the quickest way of getting your bills and receipts into Xero is with Dext. We will set this up for you and sync it with Xero.  Why do we recommend Dext?

New Business Start up Package

Your Start Up Team

Your start-up team is here to help you through the setup and launch of your business. We are here to answer any questions that you may have.


With phone, email and Skype support, online training courses and our Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Facebook group – we have lots of resources to help you get your business off the ground and to support you as you start to gain momentum and build your business.

New Business Start up Package


Learn the principles of business bookkeeping and understand how a set of meaningful management accounts will help you keep on top of your business finances. Learn at your own pace with our online course.

New Business Start up Package

Directors Responsibilities

Becoming a director of you own business carries with it some legal responsibilities and obligations. We can help you understand what they are and how you can comply with the rules.

New Business Start up Package

Running your new company

Once you are set up, you will need an accountant and possibly a bookkeeper to help turn your new start-up into a successful, profitable and sustainable business. Call us today to find out how we can take you from Zero to Hero.


Before you start trading, you must have the basics in place. You will need a bank account to collect customer payments, insurance to protect customers and staff and if you hold personal data you need to understand your obligations under the Data Protection Act.

New Business Start up Package

Bank Accounts

Set up a business bank account. Limited company cash belongs to the company, not the directors or shareholders so it must be kept in a separate company bank account. Sole trader cash belongs to the individual, but accounting for trading transactions is much easier when ringfenced in a separate personal bank account.
New Business Start up Package

Business Insurance

If there is any risk associated with your product or service, then you should investigate whether or not you need Public Liability Insurance. If you advise your customers you may need Professional Indemnity Insurance and if you employ people, you will need Employers Liability Insurance. We don’t offer insurance ourselves, but we know people who do!
New Business Start up Package

Data Protection

If you hold personal information about staff, customers or account holders – you have an obligation to protect that data. You may need to register as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner. You must make sure the information is kept secure, accurate and up to date and follow the principles of the Data Protection Act.


Coming up with your company identity is one of the most fun and frustrating parts of starting your new business. You want to make an impression, be remembered but you don’t want to spend a fortune on corporate branding! We can’t help you with this but we have some great contacts who can!

New Business Start up Package


Your business name should be simple, relevant and memorable. Get clever if you like. If you are going to set up a limited company – check that the name and the website address are available before you start branding and printing materials.

New Business Start up Package


Have a bit of fun with your logo, simple memorable images are better – branded with colours that you feel represent your business. Logo’s dont have to cost the earth – you can get some made on Fiverr.com and choose the one you like.
New Business Start up Package


Almost everyone you meet will Google you if they want to know more about you! Buy your domain and have a simple website set up to act as an online CV. Get clever by adding a lead magnet and an email opt-in.

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