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Did you know we also offer Xero consultancy?
Does your Xero account baffle you? - Consultancy

Do we offer consultancy and training?

This is a question we are often asked. We are often asked for help where a business owner is stuck with Xero and can’t quite make it work for their business. It might be that you are new to Xero and want to know how to make it more relevant for your business. Or you might be quite expert in Xero, but not that familiar with the numbers you need to understand in your business.


Xero Consultancy

Of Course!

Yes, we offer onsite and offsite bespoke help. We can help with consultancy and training without you needing to move accountants.

Xero Consultancy


Our fees are £125 per hour plus VAT if we come to you plus our mileage costs. Or £100 per hour plus VAT if we train via Skype.

Xero Consultancy

Let’s Skype!

The beauty of Skype is that we can arrange a call for say 20, 40 or 60 minutes at a time to suit you.

Bespoke Xero Training – Call us if you or your staff need one to one training or help to customise Xero to your business

Xero Consultancy

1:2:1 Xero Training

We will look at the way you are using Xero and look for opportunities for you to streamline your accounting process or improve control. The process is different for every business and each set of results tell us a different story about a business.

Xero Consultancy

FinanceFit Healthcheck

A what? This is a FinanceFit Healthcheck of your Xero account and your business numbers. We are looking for the general health of your accounts, opportunities for improving your finances, increasing revenues and saving costs etc.

Xero Consultancy

Other Ways We Can Help

We can help you with more than just Xero. If you’re uncomfortable with your business numbers or bookkeeping and accountancy processes one of our team will be more than happy to help understand your issues and advise you on the best way to resolve them.

Book Your Consultation Now!!

If you get stuck and you need help, you can buy an accountant by the hour, or in blocks of 20 minutes so you can get professional qualified advice for your business.  You have total control over the cost – you just book what you need.

Sold in blocks of 20 Mins, so if you want to book an hour – buy 3 blocks!

How does this work?

  1. Pay in Advance? Buy your Accountant in blocks of 20 minutes.
  2. Pay As You Go? If you would rather pay by Direct Debit and pay as you go, then:
    • Please book a Discovery Call so we can scope your requirements.
    • Complete a Fact Find ahead of the Discovery Call so we can hit the ground running.
    • We will send you a quote, ask you to complete a letter of engagement and set up your Direct Debit mandate.
  3. Invite us into your Xero account – lisa@caseron.co.uk – In the first instance Lisa will be your Accountant. She will need Adviser access to be able to look at all reports and help with your Xero configuration. We may invite other members of the team later.
  4. Book a time in our calendar to suit you.
  5. We will call you at the scheduled time!

What do you need?

The better you scope your query – the quicker we can get to the point and the less it costs you!! Do take a moment to scope out what it is that you want to learn.

Training Plans

If you want more in-depth training – usually more than an hour, we can agree a training plan. Do you use Trello?? www.trello.com

We will set up a Trello Board for you so we can start setting out a training plan and we can go through it at your leisure.


Contact Us:


For a free no-obligation 20-minute discovery call – please register your details here and I will send you a link to my calendar so you can  book a call at a time that suits you. 

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