Your Xero Bookkeeping

As soon as your business can afford it – your bookkeeping is one of the first tasks you should outsource freeing up more of your valuable time to focus on customer service and business growth. 

We take care of as much or as little of your business bookkeeping needs as you like! Let us show you how.

For when your business starts to grow…

         and you need to outsource your bookkeeping…

Putting the right systems in place for you

Let’s get the basics in place, to run a super slick set of real-time business accounts – you’ll need Xero, an accountant and possibly Receipt Bank (depending on how many spend transactions you have each month). Sounds scary but have no fear, we’ve got this!

Your Xero Account

Xero Account

Your Xero account – taken care of. Beautiful accounting software for the dynamic business owner. Why do we recommend Xero?

Your Receipt Bank Account

Your Dext Account

By far the quickest way of getting your bills and receipts into Xero is with Dext. Why do we recommend Dext?

Your Accounts Team

Your accounts team will perform as an extension of your business. We will get to know your accounts inside out!

Taking care of your books

We will take care of the day to day admin so you can focus on the important stuff = building your business and delighting your customers.



We will check your accounts email inbox daily, weekly or monthly (as agreed) and process the incoming mail – post invoices, check statements and follow up supplier queries. We’ll send payment runs for you to pay and monitor accounts payable.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

All bank, credit card, cash and PayPal transactions reconciled daily, weekly or monthly (as agreed). If we have queries we will leave comments in the discuss tab.

Accounts Inbox

Accounts Inbox

Direct all of your accounts related mail to your own dedicated accounts inbox. accounts@[yourcompany]. We will work as your accounts department.

Taking care of your cash

Cash control is key. Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Collecting cash from customers quickly and efficiently allows you to pay your suppliers and tax liabilities on time.

Invoice Chasing

We can implement Xero invoice chasers for basic credit control at no additional cost to you. Polite, persistent automated chasers are the key to prompt payment.

Credit Control

If you need a more sophisticated Credit Control system we will run Chaser for you. If we need to pick up the phone to chase late payers, we can do that too. We’ll work with you to mitigate the risk of bad debt.

Authorised Signatory

If we are authorised signatories on your bank account – we can take care of all payments to suppliers, staff and HMRC.

Keeping you on the right side of the taxman

So many taxes, so little time! Payroll and RTI (Real Time Information), VAT, Corporation tax and Income Tax on earnings – we will let you know what you need to pay and when to keep you on the right side of HMRC and penalty free.

Monthly Payroll

Monthly Payroll

We can run a monthly payroll for you, post payroll journals, issue payslips and keep you RTI compliant. We’ll tell you how much to pay HMRC and when. We will also process starters and leavers.

Monthly Payroll

VAT Returns

We will prepare your VAT returns and send them to you to check and pay. Chase up missing VAT invoices make sure you are not paying any more VAT than you need to. We’ll tell you how much to pay HMRC and when.

Cash and Taxes


Regular reviews to make sure you don’t pay a penny more in tax than you need to. Also working with you to help you keep the cash aside for when your taxes are due. We will let you know what to pay, to whom and when.

Manage what you measure

Monthly or quarterly reviews with your account manager to make sure you understand how your business is performing. We look for the good, bad and the plain ugly to achieve your life and business objectives.

Sense Checks and Reviews

Sense Checks and Reviews

Big brother checks! We regularly check your accounts and postings to make sure everything is posted to the right place.
Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Quarterly or monthly management accounts (depending on your package) to help you get a better understanding of the business behind your numbers.

Opportunities to grow

Looking for opportunities to improve efficiencies, streamline processes and grow your business.

Putting the right people and processes in place for you

Our job is to make your life easier at least from an accounting point of view. Let us take care of your accounts so you can focus on what you do best…

Fully supported

Fully supported

Your accounts team is available by email, phone and Skype. We also have a dedicated helpdesk where you can log support requests and queries – [email protected]

Client To Do's

Client To Do's

When we have tasks we need you to do, we will issue you with a task to action from our practice management system. For larger projects we use Trello to manage task lists and ToDo’s.

How involved do you need to be?

Well, that’s up to you!

You can be as hands off, or as hands on as you like. If you are busy one month, you can add some additional hours to your package.



We often find it works best when clients take care of raising their own sales invoices and maintain that personal relationship with their client. We take care of everything else in the background.

Check & Review

We will send you queries to answer and we may chase you for missing paperwork! This may seem a bit annoying sometimes, but remember our objective is to make sure your transactions are correctly posted and your tax liabilities are minimised.

Services Menu

What works for you, works for us. We can do as little or as much as you like. We have a menu of services so you can pick and choose what suits your needs and your budget.



That’s hard to say until we know exactly what you need! We have structured our products so that they grow as you do. We will work with you to agree a plan that meets your budget and your needs.

Switching Bookkeeper?

Isn’t it hard to switch bookkeeper? No, it’s quite easy. Once you have told your bookkeeper that you want to switch, we can take care of the transfer or ‘ professional clearance’ process for you.

Keep Your Accountant

What if you have a specialist accountant or a favourite tax adviser? Perfect! We work with a number of other accountants to make sure our clients get the right mix of bookkeeping,  accounting and tax skills for their needs.

Over to you…. how would you like to proceed?

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