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Caseron Insider – July 2017

Invoice financing – Other reasons for businesses turning down work included a lack of awareness of invoice financing (13%) and alternative finances available (8%).

Caseron Insider – April 2017

Lack of funds prevents business opportunities
National minimum and living wages rise from 1st April
Business rate revaluation takes effect
Important dates and changes for April 2017


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October 2016 [download id=”11144″]
  • Businesses pay £44 billion in corporation tax
  • EU workers uncertain cover residency status
  • Tax-free childcare to launch in 2017
  • Paper tax return deadline approaches
  • [download id=”11147″]
  • [download id=”11152″]
September 2016   [download id=”10928″]
  • Apprenticeship funding proposals introduced
  • Property wealth exceeds savings & pensions
  • New national minimum wages rates from 1st of October
  • Inheritance tax receipts up by a fifth
  • [download id=”10922″]
  • [download id=”10925″]
August 2016 [download id=”10738″]
  • New system to challenge business rates outlined
  • Self-employment growth driven by part-timers
  • 500,000 Help to Buy ISAs opened
  • Small firms: 10% of day spent chasing payments
  • [download id=”10741″]
  • [download id=”10745″]
July 2016 [download id=”10748″]
  • Businesses will require software for digital tax accounts
  • second payment on account reminder
  • Steady income as highly valued as salary
  • Workers not planning for retirement
  • [download id=”10753″]
  • [download id=”10755″]
June 2016 [download id=”10758″]
  • Keeping people with significant control registers
  • Buy-to-let activity eases
  • How to trace pension pots
  • Digital divide growing between businesses
  •  [download id=”10765″]
  • [download id=”10763″]
May 2016  [download id=”9538″]
  • Charities unaware of reporting obligations
  • Employer national insurance contributions for apprentices abolished
  • Lifetime ISA: Is it right for you?
  • Changes to capital gains tax for 2016/17
  • [download id=”9543″]
  • [download id=”9545″]
April 2016



[download id=”8996″]
  • Lack of management skills limit business growth
  • 150,000 secure home ownerships from Help to Buy
  • National living wage: employer responsibilities
  • Business announcements from Budget 2016
  • [download id=”9003″]
  • [download id=”9001″]
Budget Report 2016


20160318_Caseron_Budget Report 2016

Good news:

  • Corporation tax reduces to 17% by April 2020
  • The small business rate relief threshold will rise to £15,000 from £6,000 in April 2017. 
  • Employers allowance increases from £2000 to £3000 from April 2016
  • Class 2 NIC’s to be abolished from April 20158 
Bad news:
  • Dividend tax credits removed and the new dividend tax is effective from April 2016 – this is the BIG ONE which will impact EVERY director who draws dividends 
  • The £3000 employers allowance cannot be claimed by companies with only one director on payroll
March 2016 201603_Caseron_Insider_Image 201603_Caseron_Insider

  • Pension freedom barriers to be removed
  • Government productivity plan lacks focus
  • Self-employed workforce continues to grow
  • “Real test” for auto-enrolment ahead
February 2016 201602_Caseron_Insider_Image 201602_Caseron_Insider

  • Digital tax accounts to replace annual tax return
  • Lack of flexible working hampers employers
  • Early pension exit fees capped
January 2016 201601_Caseron_Insider_Image  201601_Caseron_Insider

  • Preparing for the national living wage
  • New state pension: a guide
  • Help to Buy ISAs popular in first month
  • Finance Bill 2015 passes through parliament
December 2015 201512_Caseron_Insider_Image  201512_Caseron_Insider

  • Higher stamp duty rates for buy-to-let property
  • Women unsure about pension savings
  • Consumer confidence rises despite uncertainty over economy
  • National Audit Office highlights auto enrolment dangers
November 2015 201511_Caseron_Insider_Image 201511_Caseron_Insider

  • Private sector businesses hit record number
  • Forming a limited company
  • Workplace productivity remains a puzzle
  • UK R&D spending lowest in the G8
  • Stress-related absence increases
October 2015 201510_October_Insider_Image 201510_Caseron_Insider

  • National minimum wage increases
  • Spreadsheet errors marked as major business risk
  • European Court ruling on travelling to work draws criticism
  • YOUR MONEY: Pension ‘top up’ introduced
September 2015 201509_Caseron_Insider_Image 201509_Caseron_Insider

  • Digital account timeline overview
  • Consumer ombudsman to change complaints process
  • YOUR MONEY: Pension scams put savings at risk
August 2015 201508_Caseron_Insider_Image 201508_Caseron_Insider

  • Government publishes productivity strategy
  • 5 ways to make your business more productive
  • Entrepreneurs’ relief changes affect family businesses
  • Small firms gear up for auto-enrolment
July 2015 201507_Caseron_Insider_Image 201507_Caseron_Summer Budget A ‘‘big budget for a country with big ambitions’.
July 2015 201507_Caseron_Insider_Image 201507_Caseron_Insider

  • New holiday pay rules come into effect
  • Copyright theft puts business development at risk
  • Flexible working not advertised during recruitment
  • YOUR MONEY: Households overlook life insurance
June 2015 201506_Caseron_Insider_Image 201506_Caseron_Insider

  • Deregulation tops small firms’ priority list
  • Summer Budget announced
  • Business planning overlooked by SMEs
  • Small businesses unprepared against digital attacks
  • YOUR MONEY: Financial assets drive rise in household wealth
May 2015 201505_Caseron_Insider_Image 201505_Caseron_Insider

  • Businesses delay capital investment
  • The Annual Investment Allowance
  • Auto-enrolment exemptions introduced
March 2015


Budget Update What does it mean for you?
March 2015201503_Insider 201503_Caseron_Insider

  • SME Complaince Costs
  • Number of small firms hits record high
  • Businesses lack mental health policies
  • YOUR MONEY – Year end tax tips
February 2015201502_Insider 201502_Caseron_Insider

  • Inflation falls to 14 year low
  • Apprenticeship funding under review
  • Auto-enrolment contribution increase could affect small firms
  • YOUR MONEY – Expected retirement income hits a 6 year high
January 2015201501_Insider 201501_Caseron_Insider

  • Businesses plan growth for 2015
  • Government proposals to tackle late payment
  • Employees take advantage of flexible working
  • YOUR MONEY – Savers unaware  of pension guidance service

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