New Client Onboarding Checklist – Document Requirements

New Client Onboarding Checklist – Document Requirements

Welcome to Caseron! We have created this simple printable checklist to help you manage the files and documents we need to get started with your accounts.

To be printed and actioned at your convenience.

Section 1 : Documents to be copied and shared to Dropbox

If you authorise us to take over from your previous accountant, some of this information may come from them.

Please save these to the root folder in our shared Dropbox folder, we will file them in the correct folder once we have reviewed them.

 Task To Do  Done
1 Certificate of Incorporation (Limited Companies only)
2 VAT Registration Certificate
3 Your last set of annual accounts.
4 Your last tax return and tax computations
5 If this is your first set of accounts -10 digit Unique Tax Reference Number or UTR
6  Limited Companies only – If this is your first set of accounts – CT610 Corporation Tax Important Dates. Usually a letter issued by HMRC shortly after you have registered your new company for Corporation Tax. If you don’t have this please save a copy of the letter from HMRC asking you to register for Corporation Tax
7  Loan documentation (inc banks/directors/third parties)
8  Lease or hire purchase agreements
9  Property mortgage or rental agreements


Section 2: Authorities, Passwords and Permissions

Paypal Account
  • User ID and password, so that we may reconcile your Paypal account. You can set up users with read-only permissions so we can get statement data without the ability to make a transaction.
  • If you’d rather not share those – a recent statement of account will help with the initial reconciliation (csv format please)












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