New Client Onboarding Checklist – Data Requirements

New Client Onboarding Checklist – Data Requirements

Welcome to Caseron! We have created this simple printable checklist to help you collate the data we need to get your Xero account set up.

To be printed and actioned at your convenience.

Section 1 : Documents, files and records to be saved to Dropbox please.

Already on Xero?

If you are already on Xero, part of our initial due diligence once you become our client, will include the review and reconciliation where appropriate and necessary for each of items listed below.

Moving to Xero?

We will need data extracts from your existing system usually in Excel format. We need these to rebuild the year to date transaction history and complete year to date reconciliation’s.

We can provide an Excel template for this if required or we can move your books from Sage or Quickbooks.

Note: Each business is different and may hold different accounting records. New start ups may not have many or any of these in place however, we have left them here as a prompt just in case you have any records of this nature that need to be brought into your year to date figures or verified in existing year to date figures .


 Task To Do  Done
1 Closing Trial Balance = The opening balances for Xero, will be the closing trial balance on your old system
2 Chart of Accounts
3 Year to date management accounts

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
4 Sales Ledger Extract

  • Customer Records – name, address, contact details etc
  • Your Aged Receivables by customer. The invoices, credit notes and payments on account (by customer) that make up the balance of the trade Debtors in your balance sheet
5 Purchase Ledger Extract

  • Supplier Records – name, address, contact details et
  • Your Aged Payables by supplier. The invoices, credit notes and payments on account (by supplier) that make up the balance of the Trade Creditors in your balance sheet
  • Ultimately we may need copies of the purchase invoices to verify purchases
6  Journals

  • Copies of any journals posted year to date including wages and dividend payment journals
7 Banking

  • Electronic bank statement (all transactions )
  • Online banking (You can provide the details to us, or you can set the online banking up yourself once you have access.)
  • Cheque Log, list of all cheques issued, (cleared and uncleared, please note the cheque numbers of any cheques that might have been spoiled and not issued)
  • E-commerce/Paypal reports and transaction summaries
  • Bartercard statement of account
  • Company credit card statements of account
  • Record of any expenses that have been incurred but not claimed as yet
8 Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Copies of all invoices/agreements relating to Fixed Assets
9  Directors Loans or Expenses

  • Records of any funds introduced by the director/owner of the business
  • Records of any expenses incurred by the director/owner of the business and not yet repaid by the company