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My Finance Department
  • My Finance Dept membership gives you access to a growing resource of articles, videos, templates, cheat sheets and check lists.
  • All you need to create a robust financial framework for your business.
  • Be confident that you have the right accounting processes, systems and controls in place to protect your business.
  • Used by business owners and their accounting staff to manage and account for their businesses on a day to day basis.
  • Everything you need all in one place to save you time and effort trawling the internet for the answers.
  • Ask a question, request an article to help shape the content

Who is My Finance Department for? Well, YOU actually!

If you are:

  • a serious business owner looking to grow your business
  • so focused on delighting your customers that you don’t have time to train your bookkeeper
  • afraid, that you may not have control of your business finances
  • training a growing finance team looking to improve their skills and up their game
  • feeling a bit out of your depth – financially speaking
  • want to take care of it yourself, but not sure where to start
  • quite happy managing your finances yourself, but not sure if you are doing it right
  • doing a fantastic job of managing your finances, but want to keep on top of best practices?

Welcome to My Finance Dept and get access to all the resources you will need to manage your business financials yourself.

What’s in it for you?

  • All you need to know about small business accounting, bookkeeping, business building, business management and business planning.
  • 24/7 access at your fingertips
  • New resources issued weekly
  • Monthly live Q&A session
  • Access for you and your accounting staff
  • Rolling monthly membership fee
  • No contract and no notice period required

Drip Fed Content

  • A major new module released each month

Facebook Icon   Access to our exclusive Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Facebook group. Ask questions and help shape the content you want to see.

xeroPlease note – we are Xero accountants and our training materials are based on Xero software to illustrate the point, but the bookkeeping and accounting principles apply to all UK businesses regardless of the software that you are using.

Your Business Finance Manual

Smart business owners know that the most successful businesses have systems and controls in place so that their operations run consistently, efficiently and smoothly – whether they are there or not.

  • Policies – are the guidelines and rules that govern your processes and procedures
  • Processes – are the high level overviews that identify the tasks in each procedure
  • Procedures  – are the detailed step by step instructions to get a job done

Articles & Tutorials

Articles, tutorials and advice on best financial business practices. How, what, why and when to implement in your business.


Downloadable and editable financial policy and procedure templates to put your financial framework in place.



Printable checklists for you to download and use. Save time, streamline your processes and never miss an important step again.


Where possible and practical we will show you the best low cost or no cost tools in the cloud to streamline the jobs you need to get done.

Membership resources:

  • Bite-sized Modules to work through
  • Monthly webinars
  • Slides, printable workbooks and cheat sheets (or a combination of these depending on the learning point of the topic)
  • Member only newsletters with relevant and exciting content
  •  A dedicated Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Facebook group to share advice and experience, sharing best practices with other business owners in the same position as you.

Business Bundles

  • Introduction to Basic Bookkeeping Principles
  • Managing Your Sales Ledger
  • Managing Your Purchase Ledger
  • Managing Your Business Expenses
  • Managing Your Bank Accounts
  • Petty Cash and Company Credit Cards
  • Effective Credit Control
  • Managing Your Cashflow
  • VAT and VAT Returns
  • Profit and Loss Account Uncovered
  • Balance Sheet Uncovered
  • Meaningful Management Accounts

Demystifying your books

My Finance Dept is not a replacement for your accountant – we intend to provide you with the core bookkeeping and accounting skills that will better equip you for talking to your accountant!  If you need business-specific tax or accounting advice, please call your Accountant who will know the in’s and out’s of your business and give the advice that is right for your circumstances.

A new module released each month, here are just a few examples:

Early bird access and special ‘member only’ discounts to our online training courses:


Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Online 

Step by Step Video Tutorials

  • 1.0 Basic Accounting Concepts
  • 2.0 Your Profit and Loss Account
  • 3.0 Your Balance Sheet
  • 4.0 Understanding Debits and Credits
  • 5.0 Getting your Chart of Accounts Right
  • 6.0 What are your Ledgers?
  • 7.0 Your Sales / Purchase Ledgers
  • 8.0 Your Nominal Ledger
  • 9.0 Your Cash Book
  • 10.0 Different Types of Postings
  • 11.0 Understanding Accruals
  • 12.0 Understanding Prepayments
  • 13.0 Understanding Deferred Income
  • 14.0 Accruals, Prepayments and Deferrals
  • 15.0 Meaningful Management Accounts

Here’s a sneak preview of our training videos…

Understanding the basics…

What to look for…

How to…

You get access to all of our checklists.

Top 15 reasons for business failure:

  1. Ran out of operating cash
  2. Lack of funding for growth (not quite the same as 1.)
  3. Customers failing to pay (not quite the same as 1. or 2.)
  4. Poor accounting
  5. Making losses
  6. Increasing costs
  7. Operational inefficiency
  8. Poor management
  9. High taxes
  10. Lack of time
  11. Lack of planning
  12. Grew too fast
  13. Grew too slow
  14. Declining sales
  15. Reducing demand (not quite the same as 14.)

Top 15 reasons for joining My Finance Dept:

  1. Learn how to forecast cashflow
  2. Learn how to plan for funding
  3. Implement credit control procedures
  4. Understand and manage your business accounts
  5. Identify and eliminate loss making products and services
  6. Manage costs and supplier relationships
  7. Improve operational capacity and performance
  8. Manage team performance
  9. Understand, control and plan for tax liabilities.
  10. Time management, delegation and when to outsource
  11. Planning and forecasting
  12. Funding and capacity planning
  13. Boostrapping and cost control
  14. Increasing sales
  15. Diversification

Of course there is MUCH, more to it than this but the key to avoiding any of these issues is to be on top of your buisness and in control of your finances.

Tell me more about My Finance Dept..

I want more understanding and control of my business finances. Keep me updated; I want to be first in line for special launch offers!


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See you soon,

The My Finance Dept Team!

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