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People often query why you would use more than one social media platform to promote your business, and there is a good argument as to why, or why you should stick to just the one platform. Below are five good reasons as to why you should be using multiple platforms to promote your business and products:

1. Not everyone has social media or may use the one platform you may look to use, so how would they see your messages? And what offers you have available for them as a potential customer, or as a current client?

2.  Certain platforms may limit the amount of characters you can use to get your message across to the customer, so say you primarily used Twitter, you’re limited to 140 characters, whereas on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ you have unlimited character space so you can further extend your reach with a greater message. This allows you to go into greater detail about the offer or product.

3. Each platform has its unique quirks and algorithms – Each social media will perform differently depending on what you want out of it. If, Like us, your not selling 24/7 and posting interesting content, your content is more likely to be noticed and picked up by the algorithms and pushed out more. However, if you’re consistently selling and promoting your business, your content won’t be seen by as many people, or only seen by the same people, who may then get bored of it and hide it from their timelines…

4. Paid Advertising – Each platform has PPC advertising you can use, but each platform will allow you to tailor it differently to suit how it goes out, and where it appears on the newsfeed, and in general on the platform.

5. Last but not least, you can send different messages via different platforms, and alternate them week after week so that they may be seen by the same people, or by different people per platform. This allows you to see which messages perform better and allows you to then change the message ever so slightly each week/day depending on how often you post, so it never looks the same but stays similar and relevant to grab the customers or followers attention.

These 5 key points will hopefully help you promote your business further and allow you to tailor your message to bring your company more of an audience than you may previously have had…

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