I have lots of bills and invoices, how will I use Receipt Bank?

There are several ways of getting your receipts and invoices into Receipt Bank, here are the top 3 that our clients tend to use:

How to submit files to Receipt Bank

How to submit files to Receipt Bank

  1. Emailed invoices and receipts – forward to [email protected] .com.
  2. Paper invoices and receipts – take a photograph of the invoice or receipt using iPhone, Android or Tablet App and submit to Receipt Bank. This is a great way of quickly pushing through single page invoices and receipts.
  3. Scanned invoices Рcan be saved to a dedicated Receipt Bank Dropbox folder where they are scooped up by Receipt Bank several times an hour. We have found this is the most efficient way of getting multiple page documents into Receipt Bank and Xero.
CASERON’S TIP: We would encourage you to stamp or mark the invoice/bill as being posted to Receipt Bank to reduce the risk of duplicate documents being sent through. Duplicates will be picked up either by Receipt Bank or by us if they are submitted in error, however good document control should avoid the duplicates being submitted in the first place!

If you are often out and about during the day, you should find it easier to keep track of your receipts if you take an image of them as you buy the goods. If you want to move to a paperless process, you can throw away the receipt as soon as it has been submitted to Receipt Bank. The only ones we would advise that you keep, are where you may need to keep an original receipt or invoice for a product return.

There are other options such as posting the invoices and receipts to Receipt Bank and manual file upload, but these are rarely needed as 1. and 2. are usually enough.

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