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Helpdesk Articles

Here is a selection of some of our recent articles.

Lifetime ISAs

Lifetime ISAs

Incorporating the Lifetime ISA into your savings strategy. The past few years have seen several innovations in the savings account market. Gone are the days when savers only had cash and stocks and shares ISAs to choose from. Nowadays you can open specialist accounts...

Planning your retirement

Planning your retirement

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to start saving for retirement. It’s more important than ever to start your retirement planning from an early age, however dull a prospect that may sound to younger generations. Putting money into a pension each month will...

Xero: Messy supplier account reconciliations

Xero: Messy supplier account reconciliations

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try. You just can’t reconcile that supplier account in Xero to the statement that the supplier has sent to you. So how do you go about reconciling it?

What to do when your Xero bank balance does not match the statement

It's good practice to compare your statement balance in Xero to your online or paper statement balance (your actual bank balance) at least once a quarter - once a month if you manually import bank transactions. The two balances should match each other for the same...

Reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable

Reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable

We recommend that at every month end or at least once a quarter, you check your Accounts Payable and Receivable balances and verify that they are correct. If they are not – you could be under or overstating profits or losses, and you may not be accounting for VAT correctly.

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