HD_What Your Customer Will See When They Sign up With Directli

What your customer will see when they sign up with Directli

1. Set you Directli mandate up and send the email out to the customer. You can edit the standard text in the email as you wish.

2. Customer receives an e-mail requesting DD sign up

1. Directli DD Sign Up


3. Customer clicks into the link and is taken to a Web Portal where they can see the primary details of the Direct Debit they have been invited to set up. They click on the Green button to ‘Continue to Direct Debit Set up’.

2. Directli_DD Link


4. If they have a GoCardless account, then they are invited to sign in.  If they don’t have one, they are invited to set one up. GoGardless is sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland so the client will see a name they recognise. (For this example, I called a ‘one off payment’ from my own account – as if I were subscribing to a supplier whose fees may vary each month).

The customer clicks to confirm the Direct Debit set up.

3. GoCardless Sign Up

If the customer really wishes to, they can chat with a GoCardless representative before they click on the confirm button.

5. The customer will then see a confirmation on screen that the Direct Debit has been set up.

4. Directli Set Up

6. The customer will also receive an email to confirm that the direct debit has been set up.

5. Direclti Set UP Confirmation Email


7. The customer will receive email notification 3 days before the Direct Debit is due to be collected to remind them of the payment that is due to leave their account.

6.Directli Advance Notice of DD

End of Procedure


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