Looking for a little bit of extra cash this month? Here are three practical steps you can take today to boost your service-based business’s bottom line.

[1] Offer Packages, create bundles

WHAT: Rather than selling individual services, create service packages that offer holistic solutions to your clients. Take a close look at your top 10 clients – what problems do they have that you can solve. They might not know that they need you – but you do!

WHY: Packages offer clients more value and can result in larger ticket sales, increasing your revenues and profits.

[2] Specialise Your Services

WHAT: Consider specialising your services in a particular niche. This allows you to become an expert in your field and charge more for your specialised skills. Consider offering what you have already – but create a version for a specific niche.

WHY: Specialisation can set you apart from your competition, allowing you to charge premium prices and thus boost your profit margins.

[3] Automate or Outsource Your Business Processes

WHAT: Automate or outsource your administrative tasks such as billing, scheduling, bookkeeping and customer service. What daily admin tasks are a waste of your precious business development or customer servicing time?

WHY: Automation reduces manual labour, saves time, and can lead to significant cost savings. This allows you to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

[4] Upsell Your Services

WHAT: Encourage your existing clients to purchase higher-priced services or add-ons. Take a close look at your top 10 clients – what problems do they have that you can solve with your existing products or services.

WHY: Upselling to existing clients is much more cost effective than acquiring new ones and can significantly increase your average ticket size.

[5] Collect Testimonials

WHAT: Ask your satisfied clients for testimonials and share with everyone. You could also implement a referral programme – referral is one of the most common sources of small business growth – but don’t forget to remind people regularly that you have a referral program.

WHY: Testimonials provide social proof, which can help to attract new clients and justify your pricing, leading to increased sales. Referral programs remind people to take action!

[6] Increase Your Online Presence

WHAT: Boost your visibility by increasing your online presence through SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. Short posts, short video, short but sweet no nonsense updates. Your future clients want to see the real you.

WHY: This can help you reach more potential clients, increasing your chances of securing more business.

[7] Regularly Review Your Pricing

WHAT: Review your pricing strategy regularly to ensure it reflects the value you provide. I know I talk about this all the time, BUT, undercharging really is the biggest and most common profit leak in most small businesses.

WHY: Proper pricing can significantly impact your profit margins, and regular reviews can help you stay competitive.

By implementing these practical steps, you can create instant profits in your service-based business. Start today and reap the benefits!

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